​​Library Expectations


Library Space​​

This is a busy and well used library space both by classes and those on break. Please respect others’ need for calm in the library by keeping your volume in mind.

We understand that when collaborating discussions and conversation will occur but there is no need to shout or raise your voice in the library, no matter how exciting your project may be.

The library is also not the place to play cards or sit around socializing. The cafeteria or tables are the place for those kinds of activities.

Remember that we are here to help and all are welcome in our positive space!


Overdue, Fines, and Lost Books

Students are responsible for all materials checked out in their name. Overdue materials accrue a fine of $0.25 cents per day, up to a maximum of $5.00 per item.

If a book is lost, the student is responsible for replacing or paying the full cost of replacing the item.

Lost or overdue on your account will prevent you from borrowing any other materials from the library, this includes technology.

Food and ​​Drink

​There is no eating in the library or seminar room at anytime, you will be asked to leave when caught. This includes snacks no matter the size.

Seminar​ Room

The seminar room may be used for group work only if not previously booked by a class, please see Mrs. Carson or Ms. Burton to inquire about availability before entering.

Chromebooks and iPads

You MUST have​ a student card and clear library account in order to borrow technology. This means no overdue materials, notes, or fines on your card.

Chromebooks and iPads, that are not signed out by classes, are available on a first come first served basis. They can be booked for 1 period at a time. If it is needed for longer you can check back in with the library to see if it is still available at the end of every period.

As with the borrowing of books, it is the responsibility of the student whose account the device is checked out on to ensure that the equipment is returned in proper working condition; this includes all keys and settings. Misuse or damage to equipment is the responsibility of the student to replace or repay associated costs.

Personal Devices

You are responsible for any technology or devices that you bring with you to the library.  Don't leave your technology unattended.

You're welcome to plug in any chargers using the plugs provided around the library, do not unplug school technology for personal charging use.

If you are watching videos or listening to music, please make sure you respect everyone around you and use headphones.